The event is not going to take place this year
and will instead be moved to April 2022, subject to confirmation.

The SOUTH WEST PROPERTY SPORTIVE is a non-competitive road sportive. Due to legal reasons, the Sportive will be started in small waves of riders at set intervals. The registration will be open from 9.00 am onwards (click here for start times).

The three courses are fully marked, but every rider will be given a small ‘backup map’ in case the marking is not 100% clear or gets damaged/removed. Around the course, you will find 1-3 feed stations (depending on course length) where you can fill up with drinks and a great selection of snacks. Alongside the energy backup, mechanics will be out there trying to help everybody with any technical problems. There will be 1-2 broom wagons patrolling the courses to pick up anybody struggling to finish.

Three different courses will be on offer (distances are approximate): The 110km (69miles) long CENTURY Sportive, the 75km (47miles) long DISTANCE Sportive and the 42km (26miles) long CLASSIC Sportive.

All routes start from the Clifton Rugby Club and will head towards the Severn Bridge. The relatively flat 42km long CLASSIC Sportive will weave its way through the levels between the M5 and the Severn Estuary, while the 75km DISTANCE and 110km CENTURY Sportive will go across the old Severn bridge and explore the beautiful landscape and undulating roads around the Wye Valley. All three courses use the same in and out and utilise certain sections in both directions. This will be clearly marked and explained in more detail at the rider briefing.

Once you’ve managed to complete your ride and come over the finish line, make sure you don’t just race past the timing crew as you would miss out on a great afternoon of free food and the chance to share a few riding stories with your fellow sportive riders.

Clifton Rugby Football Club
Station Road
BS10 7TB

The car parking is slightly limited at the Clifton Rugby Football Club. We, therefore, suggest you ride to the event or car share with a friend or colleague.

You will find contact numbers on the briefing page of this website, on the handout briefing and on your number board. These numbers are for emergency use only. Please ensure you take your mobile phone with you.

The event and registration will be open from 9.00 am onwards. Simply make your way to the registration hall (in the main Clifton Rugby Football Club building) and find your name on the signing on sheets.

After you have signed and provided your personal mobile number (so that we can reach you while out on the course if needed) and your emergency contact number, you will be given your briefing (back up map on reverse) and your number board.

Once you have fitted your number board (it holds the timing chip on the back), checked your bike one more time and when your start time is approaching, you can make your way to the start line/arch.

There you will be given a verbal briefing and some last-minute updates before you can start your ride. Simply follow the signs and make sure you obey the highway code and have a great time on some of the nicest roads the area has to offer… and all that for a good cause.

9.00 am Event, facilities and registration open at the Clifton Rugby Football Club

10.00 – 11.00 am First start wave: CENTURY Sportive (110km course) leaves the Clifton Rugby Football Club

11.30 am – 12.30 pm First start wave: DISTANCE Sportive (75km course) leaves the Clifton Rugby Football Club

1.00 – 1.30 pm First start wave: CLASSIC Sportive (42km course) leaves the Clifton Rugby Football Club

4.00 pm Course closes/riders have to be back at the Clifton Rugby Football Club

There will be two medi-cars on the courses. See map/briefing (which you will receive at sign-on) for contact details.

There are changing rooms and (communal only) showers at the Clifton Rugby Football Club. There is no provision for secure storage or valuables. The organisers are not responsible for any loss of property.

Please ensure that you bring enough water and food with you. There are up to three feed stations (course length depending) around the course. However, please be aware that the stations are for replenishing your supplies rather than being relied upon as the only source of your provisions. There will be after ride food provided, and there is a bar providing soft drinks and bottled alcoholic drinks.

For a donation to charity, BW Cycling is offering light servicing and repairs. Please be aware they may not always be able to meet demand. This service should not be relied on to fix existing problems with your bike.

The broom wagon will sweep up riders who fall behind the required time limits. They will pick up riders who are having difficulty. The courses close at 4.00 pm and we are expecting all riders to have finished their ride by then.

The after ride meal will be available when you get back from your ride. We are going to have a BBQ (or similar) from approx. 4.00 pm onwards.

The prize giving will take place during the after ride dinner.