Rider Start Times

The South West Property Sportive has three courses on offer, which get started at different times (see below).

How it works is, that after you have signed on, picked up your number boards (which holds the timing chip) and attached it to your handlebars you can make your way to the start arch where we will give you a short verbal briefing. We then release the riders in small groups (on a first come first served basis) so that they are already spread out when they get to the roads and lanes. We don’t have specific start times for each individual rider. Please only make your way to the start line during your course specific start window.

Not on the list?
If you can’t find yourself on the list, but you have been given an entry voucher, then please make sure that you have gone through the entry process as explained on our ENTRY page => please refer to the ‘Block / Group entries’ section.

If there are any changes to your entry, for example you are intending to go for a different distance than you originally booked, or that someone else is taking your space, don’t worry, we will do these changes when you sign on. Just please keep in mind that if you want to change your distance or someone else is going to take on your entry, that they follow the time frames for the various distances given below.

CENTURY Sportive (160km):
Start window from 8 am to 10 am.

Number: Surname: Name: Team/Company:
11 Allen Harry VWV
17 Allen Paul Keepmoat Homes
42 Armstrong John Pegasus Group
36 Ashley David Tuffin Ferraby Taylor (TFT)
30 Beck Jonathan CS2
10 Belgrove Mat CS2
3 Bignell Lee Team Mobius
21 bizoumis hannah Peter Brett Associates
45 Bonner Barney Pegasus Group
57 Brooks Craig Scuderia Savills
50 Buttery Neil University of Bristol Cycling Team
62 Cleeves Robert Scuderia Savills
19 Cook Ben Keepmoat Homes
49 Cooling Tom University of Bristol Cycling Team
44 Dix Marc Pegasus Group
16 Farrell Fiona Keepmoat Homes
6 Fordham Sarah Rapleys
38 Fox chris CS2
2 Gardner Sullivan Team Mobius
20 Gardner John  
63 Green Jonathan St Modwen
26 Griffiths Mike Taylor Wimpey
40 Gruncell Stan Transport Planning Associates
46 Harrold Robert Pegasus Group
5 Hughes Greg Gleeds
59 Jones Geraint Scuderia Savills
58 Keay Andrew Scuderia Savills
24 Kennedy Mark  
25 Lillie Rachel  
23 Lovell Nicola  
56 Martin Simon Knight Frank
4 McGuigan Steven VWV
34 Muggridge Barry FMBC
52 Okasha Samir Bristol South CC
18 Painter Julian Keepmoat Homes
33 Painting Iain BW Velo
28 Palmer Samuel  
53 pankow spencer  
12 Pilkington Craig WSP Bristol
54 Poole John  
14 Porter Andrew WSP Bristol
29 Potts Simon A2Dominion
37 Price Simon Meade King LLP
9 Qazi Imam  
43 Roberts Gareth Pegasus Group
8 Scott Lyndon WSP Bristol
13 Scott Sarah WSP Bristol
39 Sharpe Zoe  
15 Smith Lindsay  
55 Smith Andy Prologue Works
61 Sonato Robert Scuderia Savills
27 Strange Gareth Taylor Wimpey
7 Talbott Jacob JLL
22 Timms Oliver CS2 Chartered Surveyors
60 Tucker Matthew Scuderia Savills
35 Turner Humphrey FMBC
41 Virtue Colin Pegasus Group
32 Watson Peter Keepmoat South West
48 Wellesley Henry Pegasus Group
31 Weston Paul CS2
47 White Duncan Pegasus Group
1 Wood Dieter Interaction
51 Wrzesien Tom TLT Solicitors
64 Davison Greg  
65 Thomas Ben Taylor Wimpey

DISTANCE Sportive (100km):
Start window from 10 am to 12 noon. 

Number: Surname: Name: Team/Company:
630 Arthur Paul Paragon Peloton
546 Bailey Emily Osborne Clarke
634 Bailey Richard St Modwen
525 Bapty Katie Colliers
597 Beddis George ETP Property Consultants
529 Bees Chris MDA Consulting
606 bennett simon  
640 Bennett Simon Hoare Lea
509 Bird Niel Flying Scotts
521 Blacknell Hayla  
527 Bone Peter WSP
507 Bonstow Kieron Flying Scotts
511 Borne Mike Interaction
627 Bower Jonathan Womble Bond Dickinson UK LLP
579 Bowie-Hill Chris Stride Treglown Road Racers
500 Brady Cheryl TLT LLP
628 Brand Lara Womble Bond Dickinson UK LLP
565 Bray Rory MDA Consulting
590 Bray Simon University of Bristol
530 Brennan Robert MDA Consulting
540 Bromwich Neil Osborne Clarke
502 Bryan Marcus Flying Scotts
537 Bull Catherine Osborne Clarke
543 Bull Catherine Osborne Clarke
589 Burt Adrian  
635 Carter Richard St Modwen
612 Cashin Michael AWW
602 Chaffer James  
638 Chaffer James Hoare Lea
526 Chambers Mark WSP
504 Chapman Mark Flying Scotts
506 Chapman Harry Flying Scotts
558 Chapple Tom Alder King
501 Charlton Robert Flying Scotts
554 Clark Patrick Barton Willmore
545 Conway Alice Osborne Clarke
508 Cooke Morian Flying Scotts
524 Coombs Richard Colliers
575 Cox Emma CJ Hole
566 Davies Darren Pegasus Group
631 Davies Peter St Modwen
604 Davis Patrick  
605 Davis Patrick  
639 Davis Patrick Hoare Lea
518 de Teissier Henry  
534 Denley Martin Wotton Donoghue Architects
600 Donovan Allister JLL
586 Downey Sean Pegasus Group
567 Edge Chris Pegasus Group
552 Egan Alex Yellow Sub Geo
593 Evans Mark Knight Frank / Spitfire
618 Evans Arwel Lichfields
626 Ewings Tom Womble Bond Dickinson UK LLP
580 Fenwick-Moore Edward  
574 Gait Simon CJ Hole
563 Gascoyne Tom MDA Consulting
616 Gibbons Peter Sprague Gibbons Property Marketing
583 Gray Dave HAB Housing
561 Grazier Chris  
624 Greenhalgh Adam Scuderia Savills
550 griffiths rob Barton Willmore
625 Harbottle Julian Scuderia Savills
560 Harrison David  
584 Haseldine David Redrow Group
577 Haworth Paul StrideTreglown
601 Heaman Matthew  
637 Heaman Matthew Hoare Lea
570 Hill Chris CJ Hole
571 Hill Chris CJ Hole
611 Hilton James AWW
532 Hitchcock Brian Foot Anstey LLP
523 Hyslop Matt Colliers International
533 Jeans Lee Wotton Donoghue Architects
608 Jenkins Ian AWW
591 Johnson Mark Knight Frank / Spitfire Homes
513 Jones Richard Vann VWV
632 Joseland Rupert St Modwen
510 Keogh Craig Scuderia Savills
599 Kerse Robert University of Bristol
596 Kimpton Alastair ETP
619 Kosaner Cem Lichfields
568 Laycock Lynsey Pegasus Group
588 Le Masurier Edward ETP
516 Linnitt Simon VWV LLP
573 Lowe George CJ Hole
595 Mac Ruairi Barra University of Bristol
531 Macrae Oli Foot Anstey LLP
528 Magill Jim MDA Consulting
572 McCarthy Sean CJ Hole
517 Miles Chris  
622 Millar Paul Lichfields
578 Milliner Gary Stride Treglown
551 Mills Samuel Tuffin Ferraby Taylor LLP
607 Mitchell Christopher AWW
609 Mitchell Chistopher AWW
564 Moody Simon Transport Planning Associates
547 Morris Ashley TFT
548 Morse Leon TFT
623 Moya Jaime Lichfields
576 Mullins Tony CJ Hole
610 Negus Maddie AWW
539 North David Osborne Clarke
542 North David Osborne Clarke
629 O’Kane Fiona Womble Bond Dickinson UK LLP
553 Owen Gareth Yellow Sub Geo
515 Pahlen Kai von VWV LLP
535 Parker Tom WSP
636 Parker Kevin Barton Willmore
569 Parnham Hayley Pegasus Group
603 Peacock Simon JLL CC
641 Peacock Simon  
555 Phillpotts Andy Team CJ Hole
562 Price Simon Alder King
559 Quaile Chris  
505 Rampton-Carter Mark Flying Scotts
581 Rhodes Tristan  
503 Ruddle Spencer Flying Scotts
556 Scott Jonathan MDA Consulting
592 Scott John Knight Frank / Spitfire Homes
587 Stansfield David FCBS Bike Club
621 Stephenson Ben Lichfields
617 Stuart-Smith Tom JLL
536 Taylor Hayley Osborne Clarke
541 Taylor Hayley Osborne Clarke
620 Thomas Dafydd Lichfields
633 Tresidder Martin St Modwen
585 Trott Alex Barton Willmore
522 Turk Nick Colliers
549 Turner Lawrence Barton Willmore
557 Vaughan Nick MDA Consulting’
594 Vincent Matt Knight Frank / Spitfire Homes
582 Walker Jason  
598 Watson Andy Alder King
512 Webber Andrew  
615 Webber Andrew TLT LLP
519 Whitaker Robert TLT LLP
614 White Ben AWW
613 Widdowson James AWW
520 Williams Nick Colliers International
538 Wilson Sarah Osborne Clarke
544 Wilson Sarah Osborne Clarke
514 Young Rory VWV
642 Crawfurd Christian Knight Frank
643 Crofts Russell Knight Frank
644 Owen John  

CLASSIC Sportive (70km):
Start window from 12 noon to 1 pm. 

Number: Surname: Name: Team/Company:
1003 Allen Carys Colliers International
1033 Allen Sara  St Modwen
1011 Barnett Sara AMH Projects
1019 Benson Harriet Lichfields
1029 Biggs Gavin OEG Interiors
1038 Burse Neil Digs / Abode
1001 Byrne Luke Interaction
1026 Cassar Sarah OEG Interiors
1039 Chastney Trevor Digs / Abode
1040 Dawson Oliver Barton Wilmore
1021 Devenish Royce SAFR
1022 Dyster Vicky TLT LLP
1027 Fenton Gary OEG Interiors
1005 Gunnery Ed  
1034 Harris Steve Digs / Abode
1031 Hedrych Patrycja OEG Interiors
1013 Hind Martyn AMH Projects
1023 Holland Briony Womble Bond Dickinson UK LLP
1016 Humphries Michael Trident Building Consultancy
1032 James Paul OEG Interiors
1028 Jones Nicholas OEG Interiors
1018 Joule Jennifer Lichfields
1020 Joule Jennifer Lichfields
1025 Kuglar Shane OEG Interiors
1041 Laughton Rebecca Barton Wilmore
1017 Massey Katherine  
1000 McCafferty Ollie Interaction
1012 Moore Andy AMH Projects
1008 Morris Tom  
1010 Nayak Jim AMH Projects
1037 Oldham Adrian Digs / Abode
1024 Redman Crieg OEG Interiors
1030 Sayer Victoria OEG Interiors
1014 Slane Thomas Transport Planning Associates
1002 Tarrant Ben  
1007 Thode Elena WSP Bristol
1015 Wallis Alex Trident Building Consultancy
1006 Ware Ed  
1036 Ware Ed Digs / Abode
1035 Webb Kingsley Digs / Abode
1004 Wills Gareth WSP UK Ltd
1009 York Giles  
1042 Jones Rhys  
1043 Cary Alex Knight Frank LLP